Amplify Launches New Industrial Website for Canon CMOS Sensors

Canon USA is well known for their high-quality consumer products but lesser known for their industrial products. They recently launched a line of high-performance CMOS sensors for industrial vision and contacted Amplify to aid in the initial strategy and website development for the new line of image sensors.

“Canon CMOS sensors are truly some of the highest performing sensors in the industry,” said Joe DeMicco, Founder and CEO of Amplify. “The overall challenge was how to break into a market with just a few major players deeply entrenched in the industry and trusted by end users. A new web presence that targeted exactly the right audience and converted at a high rate would be the heart of this push and a necessary foundation of all Canon CMOS sensors marketing.”

After several meetings with all relevant stakeholders at Canon USA, Amplify began meticulously mapping the competitive landscape, developing comprehensive buyer personas, and building a website that educated and converted the ideal audience. Unique value propositions, based on the competitive research and a deep look into the technical capabilities of the sensor, were created for each CMOS sensor and integrated into the overall messaging for Canon’s sensors. This work took place in close collaboration with Canon USA, adhering strictly to existing brand guidelines while also creating a new brand identity for the CMOS sensors division of Canon.

“Canon’s digital presence has been a major success,” said DeMicco. “With the competitive landscape and ideal audience mapped, all marketing assets were able to speak directly to the ideal audience’s needs and properly position the sensors within this landscape. The website converts at a high rate, kickstarting lead generation where before there was none.”

Canon’s new website for CMOS sensors has been the primary source of new business since its launch and continues to play a pivotal role in the growth of this new line of business.

You can view the Canon CMOS sensors website here:

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