Bing Ads

Is Bing Ads Worth the Marketing Investment?

Bing Ads is an often overlooked method of advertising but it can be highly profitable, particularly in the B2B sector. Read the blog to learn why Bing Ads may be worth the investment.
2 New Features From Bing Ads Benefit PPC Advertisers

Bing Ads Two New Automated Features Benefit PPC Advertisers

The Bing ads platform can deliver meaningful results for PPC advertisers, especially in the B2B sector. The rollout of two new automated advertising features will be an even greater benefit for B2B marketers.

Is Microsoft Bing Still Relevant as a Search Engine?

Google is so dominant in the search engine market, even its name took over search. You don’t ‘Bing’ anything. You ‘Google’ it. Which begs the question: is Microsoft Bing even relevant anymore?

Manufacturing SEO – What Are You Ranking For?

Modern manufacturing SEO is a crucial part of online competitiveness. Coupled with good Web content, SEO not only increases your visibility in search engine rankings, but raises prospects’ awareness of the value you offer.