Creative Event Marketing Drives Record Attendance

AIMG recently executed a highly successful event marketing campaign for the Association for Advancing Automation (A3). The event, Automate 2017, is the broadest automation event in North America, focusing on industrial robotic applications.

“Automate 2017 was full of exciting new technology pushing the boundaries of what you thought was possible,” said Joe DeMicco, Founder and CEO of AIMG. “This was the inspiration for all our marketing efforts. We were able to craft creative messaging and design that encapsulated the excitement and novelty of this new technology, being purposefully built to resonate with a specific audience. We then expanded these concepts across social media, advertisements, emails and their website for a seamless experience across every channel and device. But most importantly, we developed and executed a plan to strategically promote Automate 2017 in a highly measurable way, giving us the agility to optimize for what worked best, while collecting as much data as possible to inform our decisions. Of course, we were pleased with our creative work, but what made this campaign so successful was our ability to track and attribute sources of customer acquisition, in terms of the number of attendees and exhibitors who signed up. It was a data-centric approach and in the end it paid off big.”

Automate 2017 saw record attendance this year. Many of the world’s leading robotics companies exhibited their latest technology and an international audience of manufacturers and system integrators were also in attendance.

“Quantifiable results are what define AIMG marketing,” Joe DeMicco explained. “It’s important for our own efforts, but it’s also important for our clients to understand the ways that their marketing spend is bringing a return on their investment. Digital marketing, by its nature, provides the opportunity for detailed measurement, data collection and analysis. This is how we delivered for Automate 2017 and how we approach every project.”

AIMG is a full-service marketing firm, providing social, content, web development, design, SEO and lead generation services for strategic event marketing.