Amplify Develops E-commerce Shopify Website for Luxury Jeweler

Verma Group is an authority on antique and luxury jewelry with a focus on vintage engagement rings and a history spanning back to the late 1800s. Over the past century and more, Verma Group has expanded their operations around the globe, and recently approached Amplify with a desire to expand again – this time with their digital presence.

“Verma Group is one of the foremost sellers of antique and vintage jewelry with a collection of stunning pieces,” said Joe DeMicco, Founder & CEO of Amplify. “When they contacted us, their web presence failed to truly convey the rarity and quality of the items Verma had acquired. Further, there was no streamlined way to purchase these items without visiting a Verma store in person. They were missing an enormous opportunity to grow their business through greater brand exposure, better product marketing, and simplified e-commerce purchasing. Verma knew if they wanted to grow their business, all of these were essential.”

After sitting down with key stakeholders in Verma Group to discuss long-term business goals and short-term priorities, Amplify began wireframing and developing the Shopify e-commerce website in close collaboration with Verma. Products were easily purchased directly from the website, all pages were optimized to rank in search engines for greater exposure, and professional photography of the unique jewelry were more prominently featured throughout the site. The Shopify platform allowed Verma to easily track inventory and online sales.

“Verma’s new Shopify e-commerce site facilitated online sales in a way they never could before,” DeMicco said. “They could now expand their digital presence and open up new streams of revenue to grow their business. The e-commerce site was a major milestone for Verma.”

Verma’s Shopify website has proven effective in driving new sales online and is playing an important role in the growth of their business.

You can view the Verma Group Shopify site here:

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