Leading Manufacturer E-Z-EM Enhances Usability, Functionality, & Corporate Look with Website Re-Design by Accurate Imaging

E-Z-EM is a publicly traded company with a large website that serves its investors as well as potential and existing customers interested in any one of their five different product areas. In an effort to capture leads and administrate the release of documents and video presentations in their vast asset library, each site user is required to register first before downloading is permitted. The database-driven registration form retains the registration information, including what was requested and from which page it was requested, which simplifies administration on the back-end. If a registered user wishes to email a page they can do so directly from the page on the website; however, security codes have been inserted that do not permit the copying and pasting of any part of the document.

The site is a combination of static HTML and dynamic elements. A customized Content Management System allows an authorized administrator to update News & Events, Featured Products and Case of the Month with text, images, pdfs and hyperlinks to other areas of the site or off-site. The dynamically-generated North American Sales Locator and International Distributor Locator tools provide the desired contact information for the specified geographic area.

Additional usability and functionality features include a comprehensive site map to facilitate both a quick search by a site visitor and scanning by the search engine spiders. Visitors can easily navigate the site using the global left sidebar navigation or the top main product area navigation. To attract users to the main product areas, the navigation bar has a random image generator that matches images to the corresponding product page. Once in the product area, video streaming of product presentations enhances both user interest and site stickiness (the amount of time a user interacts with the site).

Accurate Imaging is the E-Z-EM hosting service provider.

About E-Z-EM

E-Z-EM is a recognized leader in manufacturing products used for imaging the gastrointestinal tract. Today, the business encompasses CT imaging, Virtual Colonoscopy, Speech Pathology, Gastro devices and accessories, and Healthcare Decontaminants. E-Z-EM, Inc. is a publicly held corporation whose shares are traded on The NASDAQ National Market under the symbol EZEM. Visit


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