Manufacturer’s New Website Design With SEO by Accurate Imaging Gets Better Rankings

Autoswage, the long-time manufacturer of custom contact pins and small metal parts, received a new HTML website design by Accurate Imaging. The website clearly addresses the interests of engineers and purchasing agents, the site’s predominant users. Accurate Imaging provided web copywriting for the site content. As a cost-saving measure, images from a previous site were used. Additional cost-saving measures included a phased approach to search engine optimization. With Phase One deployed, in just two short months Autoswage has achieved in Google page 2 for "contact pins", page 1 for "small metal parts", page 1 for "mechanical metal parts" and page 2 for "finishing and plating".

Accurate Imaging is the Autoswage hosting service provider and has incorporated HitBox website tracking and reporting tool.

About Autoswage
Autoswage manufactures high quality custom contact pins, connector pins and electronic and mechanical small metal parts, using a proprietary cold form rolling processes called automatic die swaging and automatic die rolling. It also offers onsite finishing and plating services. Autoswage is a trusted provider to major corporations including IBM, GE, Tyco and Apple and serves a variety of industries including computers, automotive, consumer electronics, lighting, locks, furniture, cosmetics (hinges), luggage, medical, and telecommunications. Visit www.autoswage.comfor more information.