Why Manufacturing Companies Should Invest in SEO

mfg-seo-1When you think SEO, you probably don’t think about manufacturing. But SEO – search engine optimization – isn’t just for marketers or digital firms. SEO for manufacturing companies is about being in the right place at the right time to show prospects you have the answers to their problems. It’s precisely because SEO is rare in manufacturing that opportunity is so great.

Manufacturing brands often have these two misconceptions: That their customers already know who they are and that, all things considered, there’s not much competition in their niche. Even if you have superior brand recognition, SEO goes beyond getting your name out: It also helps your customers “sell themselves” on you by exposing them to your informative Web content. Every day, more of your prospective customers are relying solely on the Internet to find the right manufacturer for their needs. Don’t let a competitor gain an advantage because they rank higher in Google search for a term your company specializes in.

Techniques for Launching SEO for Manufacturing Companies

SEO may seem complex, but much of what’s involved dovetails with what your sales and marketing teams are already doing. By taking a few key first steps, you can yield rapid and sustainable results:

  • Keyword Research: All SEO begins here: Identifying search terms your prospects use, understanding how they change as the buyer’s journey continues, and learning which ones can be integrated into your strategy.
  • Page Tagging: Page tagging includes page titles, meta descriptions, and keyword-rich tags. All modern content management systems support these features, but sites using older technology may need to be updated.
  • Content Development: Clear, concise, and informative content is the key to online success. Each product and service should be backed by keyword-rich content that incorporates multimedia and social marketing techniques.
  • Link Building: Link building – the process of generating links from outside sites to your own – is often easy for manufacturing firms. They may have hundreds of clients and partners who are willing to help them.

Manufacturing Firms Can Reach SEO Success Faster than Average

seoEven relatively modest SEO efforts can produce great results in manufacturing. B2B decision-makers often don’t have perspective on how flaws in their website – which might seem minor from the design or user perspective – are holding them back from realizing great search presence.

What about branding? Manufacturers who combine on-page SEO with video marketing and social media can capture market share by offering expertise to prospects at the very moment they need it. Traditional trade shows and conventions are no longer enough to negotiate great agreements: Brands need to be accessible and helpful at all times.

It’s Easy to Get Started With Effective Manufacturing SEO

SEO might look mysterious at first, but many strategies that work in other industries are applicable to manufacturing. Companies that decide to go the extra mile and adopt SEO as part of their business strategy will be positioned for success as decision-makers turn to videos and the mobile Web for information on key purchases.

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