Mobile Steam Boiler Rental Corp. Gets Better Ranking with Website Re-Design and SEO by Accurate Imaging

Mobile Steam Boiler Rental Corp. wanted to enhance their presence on the web with a new website design and search engine optimization. Accurate Imaging provided content development services to help Mobile Steam put together the right content for the prospective site users. Information was organized by services, type of rental equipment and type of steam or hot water the equipment produces. In order to reduce costs, images were provided by the client and touched up by the design department. Copy was search engine optimized and authored by the copywriting department. Once again, in an effort to remain within the budget, the long-term search engine optimization plan was presented in phases. With just the initial phase of seo efforts deployed, in a few months Mobile Steam has moved from complete obscurity in the search engines to ranking in Google on page 1 for "mobile steam", page 3 for "mobile boiler" and page 5 for the very competitive "boiler rental". With the way things are going, further SEO promises to yield great results.

Accurate Imaging is the Mobile Steam Boiler Rental Corp. hosting service provider and has incorporated HitBox website tracking and reporting tool.

About Mobile Steam Boiler Rental Corp.
Mobile Steam Boiler Rental Corp. has been providing mobile boiler solutions for nearly forty years throughout the entire northeast, serving a variety of institutional, industrial, commercial, utilities and residential sectors including military and local, state and federal government agencies, private institutions, manufacturing facilities, industrial factories and parks, hazardous waste management firms, shipping companies, utility companies, general and mechanical contractors, both office and residential owners and management, hospitals and schools. Visit www.mobilesteam.comfor more information.