Powerful Online Tools by AIMG | Accurate Imaging Help Matco-Norca Announce Big Change

Matco-Norca, the largest independent sourcing company for fittings, valves, and plumbing specialties for the plumbing, heating, waterworks, irrigation and industrial markets, was able to expedite important communications reflecting a major change to their business through the use of custom web applications developed by the company’s longstanding marketing and advertising agency AIMG | Accurate Imaging.

After a year-long comprehensive review, Matco-Norca decided to exit the No Hub pipe and fittings product category effective immediately. As a result of the decision, it was imperative to make updates to their online product catalog and to communicate the changes right away to all members of their global organization, including employees and sales representatives, as well as their customer base and the public. Thinking ahead to time-sensitive situations like this one, AIMG had developed and integrated a custom News tool that allows Matco-Norca to create a news release and post it live to their website virtually instantaneously. Additionally, should they decide to offer the product category again in the future, the dynamic online product catalog allows Matco-Norca to exclude corresponding product pages effective immediately by archiving them without having to delete any product information, making it available again should they need it.

To ensure the accurate preparation, broadcast and reporting of this important corporate communication, Matco-Norca called upon AIMG’s email management services. Matco-Norca subscribes to AIMG’s email service that allows them to use their branded email template to broadcast announcements to their organization and customer-base worldwide.

AIMG | Accurate Imaging works with companies to develop flexible custom solutions that fulfill current business needs while looking to future considerations. From custom web applications to strategic service offerings, companies are able to get what they need to fulfill their specific business and marketing needs now and as they evolve.