Is Snapchat Marketing Right for Your Business?

snapchat-logoWith 100 million users and a multi-billion dollar valuation, you can’t ignore Snapchat

But what is it good for?

Well, lots of things:

Provide a Glimpse of What’s “Behind the Scenes”

Customers and prospects alike love to see what’s behind the curtain – it gives them an idea whether they want to give you (or continue to give you!) their business. Snapchat is perfect for an impromptu slice of life video that might be difficult to make with other apps. It doesn’t have to be polished and professional to work; users love authenticity.


Drive Individual Engagement

Many social networks make it hard for brands to reach out to individuals. Not so with Snapchat – you can directly message users. This is a great way to build strong relationships with the users you’ve identified as “influencers” for your core demographic. Consider sending a quick, personalized video thanking a key user for his or her support.

Get Cool

Tech moves fast, but Snapchat shows signs of being “the next big thing” for a good while yet to come. Facebook offered $3 billion to acquire it – and got turned down. How cool is that? If you want the social credibility of “cool”, it’s a good idea to consider using the platform as your video delivery platform of choice.


Of course, whether Snapchat is right for you can depend to a large extent on demographics, too.

Snapchat is used by:

If you want to increase your visibility among young people, you may have struck gold when it comes to moving your business onto Snapchat. But don’t feel like there’s nothing for you if young adults aren’t your ideal customers: the app seems poised to stick around, and it’s sure to grow.