AIMG Develops Website and Branding for Start Up Company

Impact Consulting, an executive coaching start up, needed to launch a digital presence to support their growing business. This was their first marketing efforts ever, and they enlisted AIMG to make sure the job got done right.

AIMG worked closely with Impact Consulting to determine their different buyer personas and how to effectively target these ideal customers. Once AIMG understood the buyer personas’ pain points, business challenges, business goals and motivations for buying, it was time to develop the new brand.

Once again, AIMG and Impact Consulting worked together closely to come up with a new identity that would resonate with the different buyer personas, based on the information previously acquired. This branding was image-heavy with infographic-style statistics that spoke volumes about the need for and benefits of executive coaching.

The site was optimized for search engines and all devices, responsive, and purpose-built for lead generation. AIMG created landing pages to convince visitors that Impact Consulting had the solutions they needed, as well as simple forms that were easy for visitors to fill out and become leads while still giving Impact Consulting the information they needed to then guide them through the marketing and sales funnel.

The result was a cohesive, clean look across the website that defined the brand for the first time, but was still functional in the sense that it was effectively generating leads for the company.

You can see Impact Consulting’s site here:

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