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Buyer Personas for Genesis Systems Group Create the Framework for Success

Amplify works with a robot integrator to build the foundation of a long-term integrated marketing campaign

Genesis Systems Group, a recognized leader in robotic integration, collaborated with us to launch a full integrated marketing campaign. In the initial stages, there were several questions that needed addressing, including what the overall goals were, how those goals would be reached, and where to begin. Our client wanted to launch their new marketing campaign as soon as possible while still building a solid foundation for growth.


Working collaboratively, we had to assess the problems of past marketing strategies while also planning the path forward to future success. Profitable integrated marketing campaigns do not happen by simply fixing problems. They are the result of short-term goal setting, realized through quantifiable marketing tactics, and long-term planning for strategic market growth, all informed by proven methods to reach an ideal audience of potential customers. We needed to set a foundation that would set up all following marketing efforts for success without major downtime in their current marketing campaign.


We sat down with our client at their corporate headquarters to meet with executive, sales and marketing leadership teams to develop “buyer personas.” These buyer personas are a meticulous profile of different ideal buyers, built with the purpose of how to best reach, engage, educate and convert these buyers.

The personas were created by a comprehensive look at historical data and a review of detailed surveys filled out by key marketing and sales personnel. The buyer personas included an ideal buyer’s job duties and goals, their role in the buying process, their deepest motivations for purchasing, how they define individual success in their role, what their typical pain points are and how these can be solved, among many other things.

These buyer personas were then distributed amongst both Amplify and Genesis so that we were in close alignment from a strategic standpoint.


It was uncovered that our client had multiple, distinct buyer personas they needed to account for in their marketing strategy and execution. Each had unique needs and pain points that our client could address individually, and eventually, create conversion paths for each type of persona.

Ultimately, these buyer personas served as a framework for planning, execution and success tracking across all aspects of the integrated marketing campaign. Not only did they reveal fundamental problems in the previous marketing strategy, but they made the path forward clear.

Our client’s integrated marketing campaign now properly focuses on the needs of their ideal buyers, and the result has been exponentially increased lead generation.

The buyer personas continue to evolve as we work together with Genesis to break into new markets, promote new services and learn more about potential customers. They inform ongoing integrated marketing efforts for lead generation and business growth.

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