AIMG Completes First Stage of Website Overhaul for Robot Integrator

Genesis Systems Group, a world-renowned robotic systems integrator, as part of a complete digital marketing launch, needed a new website that was optimized for search engines and worked better for site visitors. They chose AIMG to help them with these problems.

Genesis’ old website had several usability and technical issues. The first thing AIMG did was to sit down with Genesis and map out different buyer personas. AIMG wanted to know the deeper motivations behind purchasing the services of a system integrator. Once this was determined, AIMG went to work on the website, piece by piece. Based on what Genesis’ buyer personas were searching for, the navigation of the website was altered to facilitate simpler browsing. Each page on the site received small design tweaks – contact information was prioritized either as a goal for conversion and/or added to each page for easier contact.

Before AIMG started working on Genesis’ website, all the technical product information was tucked away in downloadable PDFs on their site. This information was brought into the public’s view to highlight the sophistication of Genesis’ automation solutions, but also for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. Once this information was unlocked from PDFs, it could be indexed by Google and other search engines. The result being opportunities to rank for highly specific product and purchase-oriented keywords in their industry.

As far as other site enhancements, the site was moved to the secure web protocol, HTTPS, and converted to WordPress content management system (CMS) for easy in-house editing of small website items.

While these changes brought significant changes for Genesis Systems Group, and their website is in a much better position to help grow their business through digital channels, it is still the first stage of an ongoing initiative to make Genesis dominate their digital space to drive sales.

You can view Genesis Systems Group’s website here:

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