AIMG | Accurate Imaging Creates Online Product Catalog & Dynamic Website for Chemical Industry Supplier R.E. Carroll

R.E. Carroll, suppliers of raw materials to the chemical industry for use in plastics, adhesives, rubbers, coatings and ceramics, chose AIMG | Accurate Imaging to re-design their HTML website to offer their customer base improved access to product information, better online communications, and the ability to track communications between customers and regional sales representatives.

AIMG performed a site-wide re-design of the website moving from static HTML to a custom database-driven application. The flexible architecture of the application allows for the creation of unlimited categories, sub-categories and products enabling site visitors to search the online product catalog from multiple paths. For example, to accommodate both technically knowledgeable and less familiar users, search is accomplished by industry, application, category, trade name and manufacturer. To enhance the end-user search experience even further, the on-site search tool suggests possible matches when a word is not located in the tool’s directory.

On the backend of the application, the client is able to assign site administrators to have access to make changes online at their convenience. To ensure that a satisfactory level of product information is made available, the application allows for the upload of product-specific documents and images to categories and / or products directly. Additionally, the client is able to track downloads to measure the effectiveness of the materials they provide as they relate to orders placed. The tools on the administration side are intuitive and easy to use; however, in order to ensure the client was working comfortably and quickly within the application, AIMG guided the client through an easy-to-follow online training.

On the front-end, site visitors are able to place a formal Request for Information directly from the application. An online "shopping cart" function is integrated with the product catalog, making it easy for site visitors to gather the products they are interested in as they search. If a site visitor wishes to speak directly with a regional sales representative, the interactive sales force locator and contact feature is able to locate the representative by zip code. The site visitor then has the option to send a message directly to that representative via the application or use the provided contact information. The Interactive Sales Force Locator tool tracks communications between the site visitor and the sales representative via the administration tools.

AIMG | Accurate Imaging develops database-driven websites and custom applications for companies who desire tasks to be completed online with the ability to track and report online assets and activity.