AIMG | Accurate Imaging Enhances Phase 1 Technology’s Custom Website Search Tools for Personalized Search and Better Conversion

AIMG | Accurate Imaging continues to provide long time client Phase 1 Technology, a leading machine vision distributor and systems integrator in the US, with website functionality enhancements to ensure site visitors needs are met and website conversion remains optimal. The most recent updates include a strategic restructuring of on-site features to more closely match the search behavior of site visitors.

Search behaviors of site users were identified on a product level and incorporated into the on-site tools. Through the use of website analytics, AIMG was able to uncover the different ways in which the client’s diverse target audience groups search for products. The once integrated search tool was separated into three individual tools that now provide each user type with a visually attractive, easy-to-use path that accommodates their particular way of searching. For example, one of the tools allows an educated searcher knowledgeable of what he wants to enter the model number of the product that interests him. For those who are looking for a particular manufacturer or a specific product feature, a Quick Search tool is provided. And for those interested in the most targeted search results, a comprehensive search tool allows them to select product-specific criteria from the available drop-down lists.

After analyzing web analytics data, AIMG was able to design the search tools for Phase 1 Technology’s diverse audience groups based on the search behavior that was uncovered. Each user can now conduct his search according to his preferences, resulting in a satisfying on-site experience for the user and consistently high conversion rates for the client.

AIMG develops custom website tools and integrates them to enhance user experience and improve conversion rates.