AIMG |Accurate Imaging Gives Matco-Norca Updated Web Design for Better Conversion

Matco-Norca, the pioneer import distributor of quality plumbing products, approached their long time development team AIMG for a new website design to enhance the site visitor experience and increase site conversions. Maintaining the site functions and features from the original AIMG design, such as the member area and Rep Finder tool, AIMG began the redevelopment of the Matco-Norca website with an updated look and feel and a focus on improving site conversions with enhanced search and contact capabilities. Throughout the site, both new and sophisticated users have the option to browse by text or image links, or search by keyword.

The new application also allows Matco Norca Satff to administer their products and news without assistance, 24 hours a day.  The website is frequently updated, and now the control over all new information being posted to the site is in the hands of the client.

In order to accommodate both new and sophisticated users, the site structure has three levels of organization for the thousands of available products. A new site visitor may select the desired product category from the home page. He is then brought to the page that lists all the specific products available within that product category. From here he can click on a text link or accompanying image to get to the comprehensive list of available products within that product sub-category. The final product search click takes the visitor to the specific sub category or product pages. A knowledgeable user has the option to by-pass all intermediary clicks by using the site map or keyword search box to get directly to the specific product page that interests him.

Several items are available to help site visitors to follow through to conversion and submit a completed contact form. At both the category and product level, documents providing detailed product and pricing information are conveniently available for download from the Download section of the web page. To make the final stage of conversion as easy and convenient as possible, the contact form is available on each product page directly below the product image and accompanying informational text. Without having to go to another web page, a final click on ‘Submit Request’ completes conversion.