AIMG Creates Website Design for NY Landscaping Firm ADM Landscape

A client of AIMG since 2003, NY landscaping company ADM Landscape has been providing a wide variety of landscaping services to home owners and businesses, as well as the designing and servicing of well-known commercial and municipal properties throughout the tri-state region. Andy Di Marino, CEO & Founder of ADM Landscape, contracted AIMG to re-design the corporate website to better reflect the company’s services and portfolio of experiences.

“I knew it was time to re-do the site,” said Di Marino. “It’s so easy to just forget about it because we get caught up with our busy work schedule. But the changes suggested by AIMG’s marketing team make good sense and are right for our business. The way they presented it I don’t have to do everything at once. It’s the same way we do business. There’s a big plan but it can happen in stages. I am glad they know what they are doing. I trust them. And that makes it easier for me.”

ADM Landscape provides a number of landscape design and maintenance services to home owners, business and commercial properties, as well as municipalities throughout the New York tri-state region.  The new web design is user-centric, allowing the different site visitor types to get directly to the services and information that interest them.

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