AIMG Designs Custom Website for Custom Leather Provider

As a global provider of highly customizable leather and other fabrics, Rainbow Leather wanted to redesign their website for a look as unique and innovative as their materials. AIMG worked closely with Rainbow Leather to develop and design a WordPress site crafted to catch the attention of their targeted buyer personas.

With products as visually stimulating as Rainbow Leather’s, AIMG knew the best way to engage and entice their prospective buyers was with a customized product catalog. Being able to sort the materials by technique, type, and design gives website visitors an intuitive browsing experience that leads them directly to the products they need and expect. With materials as dynamic as Rainbow Leather’s, AIMG knew that keeping the catalog clean and elegant would allow for the products to pop and create an immediate connection with prospective buyers.

While the interactive product catalog engages and entices visitors, AIMG optimized it to also be an effective conversion tool. The client can display products and give prospective buyers the opportunity to request a product inquiry. By ensuring this form was simple, while still drawing the important information from new leads, AIMG enables Rainbow Leather to get the maximum amount of inquiries for their products and services and turn leads into customers.

Visit Rainbow Leathers’s recently launched responsive website and product gallery at

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