AIMG Designs Website for Global Nonprofit Organization

Founded in 2014, the International Eczema Council (IEC) needed to create a professional online presence as a global nonprofit organization. AIMG recently launched a fully responsive website for the IEC to meet that goal, allowing them to keep medical professionals engaged and informed while continuing to spread awareness of the need for further research.

Clear and dedicated communication with IEC allowed AIMG to design a website that established them as a respected resource on the internet. As a nonprofit, the IEC needed to target not only health care professionals but those suffering from eczema and potential donators as well. By separating the website into clearly labeled sections, AIMG was able to ensure that those visiting the site would not get lost trying to find the information they needed. Easy navigation is key to making sure that anyone who visits a website stays on that website, and continues to engage with the opportunities and information offered.

A key goal of this new site was to keep visitors informed in important research, upcoming activities and events, and of new pharmacological advances for eczema treatment. AIMG designed a website that provided easy site administration by the client and an intuitive browsing experience for all visitors. Custom CMS tools ensure it was as easy for IEC to post their news as it was for all their visitors to access it. These tools also provide the IEC with the opportunity to cultivate their site into a hotspot for the most up to date information for eczema research and treatments.

The website isn’t the only tool that IEC utilizes from AIMG to keep their visitors informed. AIMG provides email marketing for IEC to announce their news, events, and the results of their latest research. These emails target specific clientele with clear messages in a display customized specifically for IEC.

Launching a new website with professional standards allows the IEC to continue to brand itself as a trusted name in the eczema research community. This level of reputation assures health care professionals that continual engagement with IEC’s website can provide them with the knowledge of the most recent pharmacological advancements. This empowers them to be able to offer their patients the best possible care and available treatments of eczema.

Visit the newly launched International Eczema Council website designed by AIMG at