AIMG Designs Ecommerce Website for Maternity Sportswear Retailer

Marketing firm AIMG recently designed and integrated a third-party ecommerce website solution for, a small business online retailer of maternity sportswear.

“Our clients were looking for an original website design that accurately reflects their brand of maternity sportswear,” said Joe DeMicco, Found & CEO of AIMG. “They had chosen Shopify as their ecommerce solution, which we integrated, because it is a fast and cost-effective way to get both online storefront functionality and backend business management tools.”
“Third-party solutions such as Shopify offer our small business clients a great way to grow their business by selling directly online,” added DeMicco. “The key is seamless integration and styling to ensure our client can take full advantage of what Shopify offers. Additionally, the new storefront capabilities open up a variety of opportunities for our client to develop strong marketing initiatives designed not just to attract an audience but to motivate them to buy something and become loyal customers. It all starts with a positive online shopping experience. The rest depends on building and maintaining strong relationships with customers on an on-going basis. Our goal is to help our small business clients set the stage for continued growth while getting the best bang for their buck. The first step is a professional website. The solution we designed and implemented for Me2Roo gives our client the unique identity they were looking for while offering their customers, and the friends they share it with, a great experience buying maternity sportswear online.”