AIMG Designs New Website for NJ Solar Energy & Electrical Contractors

AIMG developed a new website design for Alternative Light & Energy Solutions, a local New Jersey solar energy and electrical contractor serving home owners and business customers.

“One of the greatest challenges for a local business owner,” said Joe DeMicco, Founder & CEO of AIMG, “is uncovering ways to effectively reach and speak to potential new customers, particularly when targeting home owners as well as local businesses. These two distinct groups have very different interests and needs. Our principle objective for Alternative Light & Energy Solutions ( was to develop a website that identifies and speaks to each target audience group separately.”
The new website design targets Home Owners separately from Business, allowing each audience segment to go to the sections of the website that contain information specifically composed to focus on their needs and interests. “By segmenting the website by Home Owners versus Business,” said DeMicco, “we were able to develop custom content that speaks directly to the specific concerns of each group, using the language familiar to each one. For example, home owners may be looking for a generator because they are tired of being without heat and power during a winter storm blackout. More important to a Business, on the other hand, is having a generator for back-up power so that production is not interrupted, costing them in lost production time and delayed shipments. This type of website segmentation and presentation of highly focused content sets the stage for a better website experience overall as well as an enhanced conversion rate.”
AIMG develops and builds custom website solutions, including content management systems, ecommerce websites, and a whole host of integrated web solutions to fulfill a wide variety of marketing, lead tracking and administrative needs. .
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