AIMG Designs New Website for Carton Flow Experts Keneco, Inc.

AIMG recently launched the new website design for Keneco, a thirty year old local New Jersey manufacturer and designer of carton flow solutions.

“One of the key elements of a successful website,” said Joe DeMicco, Founder & CEO of AIMG, “is presenting current, highly focused and compelling content in an easy-to-navigate format that works to effectively speak to your targeted buyers. Working closely with Keneco, we were able to develop new content and a design that does just that.”
The objective of the web design project was to create a solution that provides the client with a powerful marketing and lead generating tool that can be used to attract targeted buyers through both organic search engine listings and any future social media or pay per click search engine marketing sponsored campaigns. Using an organizational structure that focuses on product type and the corresponding keyword search terms, AIMG has set the stage for a multilateral approach across a variety of online channels, including social media, to attract targeted buyers actively looking for what the client offers.
“We didn’t want to ignore the great assets the client already had,” said DeMicco, “so we not only developed a section specifically for Case Studies but we also associated each case study with the corresponding product used in the solution. By associating real-life applications and verifiable results with the specific product, the client is able to illustrate to potential buyers a scenario in which they can identify their own business needs. In a multilateral approach, these case studies can also be used off-site to attract targeted buyers to the solutions referenced as well as alternatives introduced in the various product sections of the website. It’s all about developing and using highly focused content effectively to attract and engage potential customers so they’ll want to do business with you.”
AIMG develops and builds custom website solutions, including content management systems, ecommerce websites, and a whole host of integrated web solutions to fulfill a wide variety of marketing, lead tracking and administrative needs. .
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