AIMG Develops Responsive Web Solution for Automate 2015

Web development and inbound marketing firm AIMG recently launched the new dynamic website application solution it developed for the future Automate 2015 trade show event in Chicago. With such a vast array of web content to manage on an on-going basis, the show’s directors were looking for a web solution that gave them more control on the backend and a better end-user experience on the frontend.

“Web development has changed dramatically now that everyone is using a variety of mobile as well as desktop devices to access websites,” said Joe DeMicco, Founder & CEO of AIMG. “Users expect their experience to be fluid whether they are on their iPhone, tablet, or desktop. Given the variety of computing devices in use with vastly different screen sizes, our challenge was to develop a custom solution that gave the client the kind of administrative control they were after without sacrificing the integrity of their original design or the end user experience.”
Utilizing the flexibility of responsive web design, AIMG developed an intelligent custom content management solution that gives the client the kind of granular control over content they desire while ensuring it displays properly on the public side regardless of the device’s screen size. “The application has a pretty robust set of custom tools,” said DeMicco. “Keeping an eye on how things have to look and function on the public side, we customized the solution around what the client needs to do and wants ultimately to achieve. Even the tools are designed to make the administrator’s task of managing content easy and painless.”
One of the key features of the custom application is the dynamic floor plan. With the Automate show occurring in 2015, the clients are working now to attract exhibitors as well as get attendees excited about who will be there. AIMG developed the dynamic floor plan to assist with these tasks. The tool gives the client editorial control in real-time to associate exhibitor information with each exhibitor booth in the floor plan. Working to motivate potential exhibitors and attendees to register for the event, the tool provides site visitors with a quick overview of which companies have confirmed, who they are, where their booth is located in the exhibition hall, and which booths are still available.
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