AIMG Donates Design Services to Blog Site for Emerging Young Adults

AIMG recently completed a new blog design pro bono for ‘The Living Course,’ a gathering place for young adults struggling to establish themselves. The blog was started by Brittany Davis, a recent graduate in Media Studies from Quinnipiac University.

“It’s tough out there for college graduates,” said Joe DeMicco, CEO & Founder of AIMG. “It is encouraging to see young adults take charge of their own destiny and exercise their entrepreneurial spirit. ‘The Living Course’ exemplifies that spirit and we were happy to help out.”
Given the challenges and disappointments young adults are experiencing today, Ms. Davis was inspired to put her Media Degree, with a minor in English, to work on the blog site to communicate with others who may be going through similar experiences.
“My studies at Quinnipiac taught me that media has the potential to truly affect the world we live in,” said Brittany Davis, the blog’s founder. I created ‘The Living Course’ as a place for young people to get inspired and to inspire others with articles, stories, songs, art, photos, ideas, troubles, or whatever they like. It’s a place to come to help them cope with the challenges they face as they build their lives and work on their dreams.”
For more information about Brittany Davis and ‘The Living Course’ blog visit
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