AIMG Enhances Results for Top NYC HVAC Contractor

AIMG recently launched the new mobile-friendly website it designed for a leading New York City HVAC contractor Donnelly Mechanical. The goal of the website project was twofold: first, to develop new content, as well as an updated look and feel, that aligned with the needs and interests of Donnelly’s targeted buyer personas; and secondly, to accurately represent Donnelly Mechanical’s professionalism and long-standing reputation as the city’s most reliable mechanical contractor.

“Donnelly is a well-established company that serves a distinguished list of clientele representing some of the city’s most prestigious buildings,” said Joe DeMicco, Founder and CEO of AIMG. “Before any content was developed, it was critical for us to understand the various buyer persona types that represent Donnelly’s ideal clients. We met individually with each of Donnelly’s department heads to develop profiles not only for the various buyer personas but also for each faction of the Donnelly team, from executive right through to the service guys in the field. This type of in-depth profiling allows us to develop content and communication initiatives that resonate and align with the intended audience, whether it is a loyal client, new prospect, or a member of the Donnelly team. Additionally, Persona Development empowers Donnelly to develop the right offers, programs, and communications for the right audience at the right time, such as aligning with seasonal needs or buying cycles, in order to achieve the desired business results. The process is a type of due diligence that gives you the insight you need to make an intelligent, informed plan designed to get you to your goal. Once everything is developed and in place, we continue to track and analyze behavior and the effectiveness of the content to make sure it is achieving what it needs to. Making timely adjustments is also part of the process.”

The new website is a fully responsive design that can be accessed from virtually any device, including Smartphones, tablets, phablets, laptops, and desktops. Working closely with Donnelly’s executive and marketing teams, AIMG developed messaging and images that allow Donnelly to be understood in ways that are important to them and meaningful to their targeted buyer personas.

“A website is a business tool,” explained Joe DeMicco. “More than a calling card, it is a communication platform where you have the opportunity to attract and persuade visitors to establish a business relationship with your company. The success of your website depends on how well it aligns with what your audience is interested in and trying to achieve at that moment. Bottom line: you have to know your various audience groups, or as we say, your targeted buyer personas; otherwise, you’re just guessing and you may as well be tossing coins in a fountain. Our experience proves you get better results with intelligent planning based on verifiable information.”

The Donnelly Mechanical website is available at

In addition to website development and marketing services, AIMG offers buyer persona development and strategic planning to ensure content and initiatives effectively target desired business objectives and deliver quantifiable results.