AIMG Designs Responsive Website & Mobile Search for Plumbing Supplies Titan

Wholesale plumbing supplies titan Matco-Norca has a reputation for keeping ahead of the curve to bring the best products and the best experience to its new and existing customers. AIMG has been the company’s marketing and web development partner since 2004. When AIMG recommended the conversion of the website to ‘responsive web’ to accommodate users accessing the site from mobile devices as well as desktops, Matco-Norca understood how it would benefit their target buyer personas and moved ahead with the project.

“Converting a website to ‘responsive’ is not about fitting it to a smaller screen,” said Joe DeMicco, Founder & CEO of AIMG. “It’s about delivering a consistent experience across devices with varying screen sizes – from handheld Smartphones to large screen desktops, for example – without losing messaging, branding, or essential functionality. Not an easy task when you are dealing with a content-rich site like Matco-Norca’s. As a result, we begin the process of conversion with a wireframe to ensure the essential elements are identified. In their case, search functionality and the display of product information are critical. The new responsive website effectively incorporates search and the vast array of products, delivering a pleasant user experience that remains faithful to Matco-Norca’s brand and messaging.”

AIMG had designed the original Matco-Norca website with a flexible architecture that facilitated the conversion to ‘responsive.’ During the conversion process, the back-end database remained unchanged except for the addition of a new sorting feature. The project also included a new feature that allows the client to administrate a ‘call-to-action’ message on the homepage.

“When you are converting a large site like Matco-Norca’s to responsive, it is essential to take the user’s intent into consideration – why they are coming to the site and what they hope to get from their visit – to ensure the site converts as expected,” said DeMicco. “That’s what we did and as a result Matco-Norca’s new responsive site functions as an effective, revenue-generating business tool when accessed from virtually any internet-enabled device.”

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