Responsive Website for Local Small Business Enhances Local Search

AIMG recently launched the new ‘responsive,’ custom website design it developed for a local Long Island, New York small business. Founded in 2013, Stow and Behold provides professional organizing services to clients who seek to reduce clutter and optimize space in their homes or offices. With local search trending to mobile, it was important that the client have a website solution that ensured visibility in mobile search.

“The launch of Google’s new algorithm that rewards mobile-friendly websites with higher rankings in mobile search makes it important for all websites to be ‘responsive,’ but especially local small businesses,” said Joe DeMicco, Founder and CEO of AIMG. “Local small businesses are affected by mobile search because people in their area typically use their Smartphones, phablets, and tablets while they are out and about to find a local shop or service provider. The local small business, whether it is a store, restaurant, garage, office-based business, or itinerant service provider, has a narrow window of opportunity to deliver a positive website experience to users on any sized screen, but particularly on smaller screens like a Smartphone. If the website experience is not mobile-friendly not only will users get frustrated and move on to the next search result, but the website will be pushed below the Google listings of competitors who have mobile-friendly websites. Technology affects business all the time. Local small businesses have to keep up if they expect to remain competitive. Right now that means having a ‘responsive’ website that provides a good user experience while professionally and accurately representing the business brand on all screen sizes.”

AIMG integrated WordPress on the backend of the new Stow and Behold website to ensure easy site administration and updates by the client. To view the new ‘responsive’ website designed by AIMG, visit

AIMG provides ‘responsive’ website development and design services to local small businesses to ensure their website is recognized by Google as mobile-friendly while providing an optimal user experience on all devices and virtually any sized screen.