AIMG Expands & Optimizes Website for Connecticut Metal Components

Connecticut Metal Components, Inc. (CMC), a consortium of four contract manufacturers of high volume, small metal components dedicated to international trade opportunities, needed a new website to represent their group. Autoswage, one of the group’s members, has been working with marketing and web development firm AIMG for several years for his own company. As a result of the success of the Autoswage website designed and optimized by AIMG, Keith Benton, President of Autoswage, recommended to his colleagues that the CMC contract AIMG to help them improve their web presence.

“AIMG is a great company to work with,” said Benton. “They have a dedicated and diverse team of marketing and web development professionals that delivers on every front. The website they developed for my company Autoswage delivers more than 50% of our quotes now, up from only 2%. I knew AIMG was the right choice for CMC once all the member companies were ready to move forward with updating our organization’s corporate website.”

The new website features an updated look and feel as well as additional text that not only introduces each of the member companies to site visitors but is also better for search engine performance. Furthering search engine-effectiveness, the site was coded using XHTML and CSS (cascading style sheets). As a part of conversion optimization, site visitors have the option to submit the ‘quick quote’ form, which allows them to indicate in which company’s processes they have interest, or to go directly to the corporate website of the member company.

AIMG offer website design and optimization for search engine performance and website conversion.

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