AIMG Writes Content for Market Intelligence Website

ShiftCentral, a market and competitive intelligence firm, was in need of a new website that would rank well in search engines to drive brand exposure and generate leads. AIMG was brought in to help them reach their business goals.

In this case, ShiftCentral had a well-defined brand and general design that they wanted for their website, leaving AIMG mostly to write content and optimize for SEO, although there was some design work involved.

For this unique project, AIMG worked with ShiftCentral, who, as a market intelligence firm, was well aware of the motivations and challenges of their buyer personas, or in other words, their ideal customers. What they were unsure of, however, was how and where to reach these people and get them to convert from visitors to leads on their website.

AIMG stepped in, took their general wireframe and interface, and developed all the content for the website, specifically written to target their buyer personas and convince them that ShiftCentral had the market intelligence solutions they needed to improve the efficiency of their business.

Just as important, AIMG also optimized the site for all major search engines. This involved a lot of effort, working closely with ShiftCentral to determine where they should be showing in search engines based on what their buyer personas would be looking for on a regular basis.

After it was all finished, ShiftCentral was left with a completely optimized site that showed up in search engines where it needed to and had content that generated leads. AIMG helped ShiftCentral achieve their business goals for their digital presence.

You can view ShiftCentral’s website here:

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