AIMG’s Strategic Site Updates Enhance Conversion for Matco-Norca

AIMG continues to work closely with long-standing client Matco-Norca, a leading wholesale supplier of globally sourced lead-free plumbing supplies and PVF products, to ensure the best possible user experience and conversion.
“The recent changes made to the website are really about the end user experience,” said Craig Bickford, Senior Project Manager for AIMG. “Ongoing web maintenance is about making sure site visitors continue to get what they came for and have a positive experience while they are on the site. Matco is great about letting us know what their site visitors need. We are then able to make the necessary updates in a timely fashion. And most of the time it’s just a small adjustment that’s needed. The biggest challenge for us with the site is effecting the changes without disturbing what the returning customer base, which is quite large, is already used to. We don’t want them to feel like they have to re-learn how to use the site or where they can expect to find things. So, basically, we have to keep in mind the needs of both new and returning users when we implement any changes to existing content. But overall, the ongoing tweaks and adjustments, no matter how small, are at the heart of conversion optimization, ensuring site visitors have an easy time getting to what they want.”
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