Do Facebook Ads Really Work for B2B Businesses?

What do the latest digital marketing statistics say about Facebook ads for B2B? Facebook ads are known as a method for driving “overnight” traffic to any consumer business. But can they be as effective in the B2B marketplace? Researchers around the world probed deeper and made these discoveries: More than 90% of marketers surveyed are […]

5 Ways to Boost Social Media Holiday Engagement

5 Ways to Boost Social Media Holiday Engagement

B2B businesses often take their foot off the gas pedal in November. After all, Santa doesn’t usually bring someone a new ERP suite or capital equipment for Christmas. But staying “top of mind” is still crucial to success. Decision makers may not be as excited about business purchases as they are about the upcoming holidays, […]

Facebook Doubles Down on Video Advertising

As Facebook has focused more resources on video, particularly live streaming, brands have been pleasantly surprised at audience engagement – especially on videos perceived to be the most authentic and raw. With the launch of the Watch tab, the depth and scope of video content has changed forever.

How to Improve Your Facebook Reach

With organic Facebook reach declining, social media marketers will have to adapt new approaches and challenge their preconceptions to reach their audience. Whether your current Facebook presence is successful or marginal, introduce these tactics.

Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page is an essential part of your brand’s social media presence. After initial setup, however, many people fail to realize just how much more they could do. A totally optimized page is much more visible and typically attracts more followers.