Custom Application & Web Design Enhancements by AIMG | Accurate Imaging Offer Matco-Norca Greater Administrative Control and User Experience

AIMG | Accurate Imaging, the long time web developer for Matco-Norca, the largest independent distributor of plumbing products in the US, recently developed and launched a custom website application that allows users who register with to gain access to additional content not available to general site visitors.

AIMG developed an administration tool that allows assigned Matco-Norca administrators to offer web specials to registered members who have logged in. The format of the web specials pages is fixed so all the Matco-Norca administrator has to do is enter in the particulars. A simple click of a button and the announcements become live and available to all site members. In addition, all content published can have an effective date range applied, so that time-sensitive offers can be made visible to users on a particular day.

The new application offers Matco-Norca insight into its customer base, and allows those customers to benefit from a closer relationship with Matco-Norca. And the creation of the user database will allow for later expansion of the site to continue to add value to registered members.

As an additional website enhancement, AIMG also added a 'Shipping and Tracking' tool that interfaces with UPS so that a customer can track shipped orders directly from the Matco-Norca website. This element, available to all users of the website, allows customers a convenient way to check on the status of their order right from the website.

AIMG then created and managed an email announcement sent to inform Matco-Norca's existing customers of the new website benefits. The client received detailed reports of the number of emails opened by customers, as well as how many users clicked on the links within the email. Matco-Norca was even able to determine the number of users who registered on the site as a result of receiving the email.

About Matco-Norca

Matco-Norca began in 1952 as the pioneer import distributor of plumbing products. Since then, Matco-Norca has grown to be the largest independent distributor of malleable fittings, steel nipples, valves and plumbing specialties in the U.S. For more information visit