Does Blogging Actually Generate Leads?

Many Business Owners Question Whether Blogging Is Effective for Lead Generation

With so many brands out there re-imagining themselves as “digital publishers,” there are hundreds or even thousands of pages on any topic imaginable. The overall quality of those pages is going up as brands jockey for position. So, it’s reasonable to wonder: Is blogging worth it for lead generation? Can you succeed if you start now?

The Short Answer Is “Yes”

In this crowded information landscape, blogging is the ideal lead generation tool for companies that offer sophisticated, customized solutions. Your leads educate themselves on their options using your blogs, self-qualify in the process and ultimately reach out if they are truly best-fit clients.

Here’s How

Blogging is the cornerstone of content marketing. Content marketing consists of publishing helpful, informative content to attract more search engine traffic and develop first-time visitors into leads and customers. Blogging acts as a “foot in the door” to deepen the relationship by recruiting leads as social media followers or email subscribers, allowing you to remain with them and stay top of mind throughout their buyer journey.

Benefits of Blogging

Blogging creates compounding benefits that turn into lasting competitive advantages over time:

1. More Organic Website Traffic

A blog generates organic traffic from search results, so it gives you an opportunity to capture high ROI with a minimal cash investment. Without your blog, you might find yourself relying exclusively on paid advertising.

2. Active, Conversation-Focused Dialogue

Without a blog, a decision-maker may be 75% or more done with the entire buying process before they reach out. A blog helps you deepen the relationship over time, so you can influence their buying criteria.

3. More Customer Information

Your blog gives you the power to gain more insight into customer behavior using website analytics. Evaluating the data from your analytics platform enables continuous improvement to all parts of your sales funnel.

Risks of Not Creating a Blog

Without a blog, it will be very difficult to capture real business value from your website. Visitors are much less likely to respond to a website that acts only as a “digital brochure.” Without a blog, your website is not raising your brand’s visibility or helping turn prospects into customers. With that in mind, it becomes pure overhead that doesn’t contribute to your bottom line.

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