How Blogging Benefits Your B2B Industrial Business

Why Blogging is Different in B2B

Blogging has become a “must-have” for B2B enterprises. Without a blog, you miss out on a critical opportunity to raise your visibility in organic searches related to your business. You also yield opportunities for thought leadership to other brands with a more proactive publishing schedule.

However, blogging is different in B2B for several reasons:

  • B2B blog content must always be congruent with your promised brand experience
  • All B2B blogs must add value, helping readers to tackle their key business problems
  • Blog posts should be well-researched and reflect your brand’s areas of expertise
  • While blogs can be entertaining, they should be helpful and informative above all

This is a tall order for many B2B firms, particularly those in the industrial sector. But it is very much worth taking on the challenge. With a blog, a B2B company can turn its website into a lead engine that’s always working.

Famous B2B Brands with Successful Blogs

Some leading B2B brands with high-impact blogs include:

  • General Electric Reports: Leverages the $96B brand’s deep history and stake in electrical power
  • Salesforce: Shares best practices on B2B sales and customer success content for CRM products
  • Jixee: Adds value for software development teams, bucking trends of uninspired blogs in the space
  • Cisco: Enterprise IT leader Cisco maintains more than a dozen blogs targeting customer segments

Not surprisingly, some of the most influential B2B blogs online focus specifically on marketing. Still, your blog can achieve traction no matter what market you serve as long as you produce content your audience can use.

The Benefits of Blogging for B2B Industrial Companies

Blogging is the biggest piece in the organic search puzzle. By publishing blogs regularly, you become far more likely to feature prominently on Google and other search engines. Every blog is a preview of your expertise and promised brand experience. Blogs can entice prospects to become email subscribers, allowing you to connect with them on a regular basis. Each blog represents an opportunity to stake out your unique promised value.

You don’t have time to reinvent the wheel when it comes to B2B blogging. AIMG’s B2B content marketing helps you hit the ground running with a blog that resonates with your sophisticated audience. Contact us for more.