Getting Your Brand Started on YouTube: A Step-by-Step Guide

getting your brand started on youtubeYouTube is one of the most powerful platforms your business can use. Not only is it the single largest video network on Earth, but it’s also the #2 search engine – just behind its owner, Google. YouTube results can even show up prominently in Google search.

Getting Your Brand Started on YouTube

Before you can reap the benefits of YouTube, you’ll need to take care of a few steps to get your brand started on YouTube:

Create Your YouTube Channel

Each channel is associated with a Google account, so you’ll need one to get started. Give your channel a memorable name – usually the name of your company or brand. Then, get ready for the fun.

Decorate Your Channel

To stand out, you’ll need three things:

  • Channel Icon: Like a social media icon for your channel, it appears in comments.
  • Channel Art: This serves as the “backsplash” when people view your channel page.
  • About Section: This text offers an introduction to you and your video content.

Your About serves as a general description of your channel, so make sure it uses keywords appropriate to your brand image and content. This will make your channel easier to find.

getting your brand started on youtubeMake Your Videos

You can import videos into YouTube after making them in your favorite video editor or even use the site’s built-in editor. Remember, high-definition videos are more likely to perform well in YouTube search.

Group Your Videos into Playlists

It might seem like nitpicking, but grouping your videos into playlists will make them convenient and easier to find. (Noticing a pattern here?) The title you select for each playlist is a major factor in your Google placement – plus, you can feature playlists of your choice on your channel.

After You’re All Set Up

Once you’re all set up, the fun doesn’t stop.

You should still …

Share Your Content

Every time you post a video, share it across your social channels. Don’t be afraid to share old videos now and then, either: There’s a good chance most of your audience hasn’t seen them yet. Mobile users love video content, regardless of platform!

getting your brand started on youtubeAnalyze Your Performance

YouTube provides specialized analytics that give you huge insight into video performance. One of the most powerful features is the ability to see where users are “dropping off” and leaving your video. If everyone is losing interest at the same time, there’s usually a reason.

Stay Involved With Your Audience

Although YouTube comment threads can get heated, resist the urge to close comments. As people get involved in discussions and return to your videos again and again, it improves both engagement and your ability to monetize your content.

In 2017 and beyond, successful online brands will need YouTube. With these tips, you can get your brand started on YouTube today.