More Leads for Phase 1 Technology with Web Redesign by AIMG

AIMG launched the redesigned website of Phase 1 Technology Corp., a leading distributor of industrial cameras and machine vision solutions. A longtime marketing client, Phase 1 Technology continues to have success with AIMG’s strategic website developments designed to bring in more leads and generate revenue. The new design offers users a cleaner, simpler presentation that allows them to see and get to what they want faster.

Chief among the redesign enhancements is the new camera selector tool and product pages that seamlessly guide users through a step-by-step discovery and selection process. Users can customize their search simply by selecting among the available criteria. Results are then presented for quick and easy reference, including images, helpful icons organizing content, custom sorting, and the option to select products for side-by-side comparison. Product pages feature larger images with multiple views and a zoom for a macro, up-close look. To keep things organized and easy to access, product information is presented behind tabs, allowing users to easily get to what they want. One of the coolest features is the product reference table that follows users down the page, keeping salient technical and product information in view at all times.
In addition to enhancements to the on-site experience, AIMG integrated Phase 1 Technology’s blog to attract buyers to the site who may be in another phase of the buying process.
 “We couldn’t be happier with the new website,” said Phase 1 Technology President Rusty Ponce de Leon. “We’ve been working with AIMG since 1995 and continue to see exponential growth, year over year, as a result of their work for us.”