AIMG’s New CMS Website for FlickerLab Animation Studios NY

Marketing and web development firm AIMG recently launched the new customized, branded content management system (CMS) website it designed for New York animation studio FlickerLab. Having partnered with major broadcast networks, non-profit organizations, educational companies, corporations, health care institutions, and governmental agencies, including Disney, the BBC, HBO, MTV, PBS, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Cartoon Network, Colgate, The American Heart Association, A&E,, and the Hub, FlickerLab needed a website that accurately reflects the world-class level of their work and services.

“FlickerLab is a team of outstanding storytellers, producers, technologists, composers and educators who create stories with the world’s leading brands, agencies, publishers and networks,” said Joe DeMicco, founder and CEO of AIMG. “Their stories are designed to translate across all media – from broadcast television to all types of viewable and interactive devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, consoles, and a wide array of interactive electronic toys. The challenge was to represent the full spectrum of their work and services in a fun, informative and creative way that aligned with the types of projects they do.”

The result is a branded, fully editable CMS website solution that features original content and integrated video hosted off-site for enhanced viewing speed to highlight the client’s diverse projects. An interactive Work section of the site allows users to click on a project that interests them to learn more about it and watch the video. The client worked with AIMG’s content development team to develop original, search optimized copy and images.

“Every website we build is designed to be search-friendly,” said DeMicco. “Part of our development strategy is to ensure that every web page is searchable and discoverable in the search engines. To that end, the CMS application includes a search engine optimization (SEO) tool that allows the client to strategically add title tags and meta data to correspond with the optimized code and copy on each landing page. This is a valuable feature of the application for attracting targeted search traffic to the site that represents potential customers. To further support search objectives, the site is also integrated with the client’s social media sites, allowing users to access and share web pages using social media."