Phase 1 Technology Sees 62% Increase in Revenue from Search Engine Optimization by AIMG | Accurate Imaging

Phase 1 Technology is reaping the rewards of a successful search engine optimization campaign. The company's marketing agency Accurate Imaging, who also re-designed the site, had the challenge of optimizing dynamically generated product pages. In addition to search engine optimized product naming and body copy, all of the dynamically generated url strings were made search engine safe, removing any characters that did not easily translate for the search engines.

The results continue to impress. From being non-existent in the search engines, Phase 1 Technology is now receiving top rankings in the major search engines for their top sellers, beating out their competitors. To date they have experienced a 62% increase in revenue generated from website leads.

About Phase 1 Technology


Phase 1 Technology Corp. is a vertically integrated distributor of customer-tailored machine vision solutions. Phase 1 Technology offers an extensive inventory of the industry's premier manufacturers of CMOS and CCD camera products and software, machine vision lighting, image acquisition boards, lenses and more. For more information, visit