Content Marketing Tips

Quality Web content is growing more vital to business success. As sales cycles get even longer, B2B decision-makers are consuming more content – 47% consume 3-5 pieces of content before they ever contact a salesperson. 51% rely strongly or even exclusively on Web content. Content with firm data and expert analysis is becoming more persuasive as a result.

Content Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

As the manufacturing sector gets more diverse and prospects take longer to choose the right solutions, more brands are turning to inbound marketing to secure leads and reach sales goals.

What is LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn has always been a great place to connect with colleagues and build your professional brand. Up until recently, however, there wasn’t much to recommend it as a publishing platform. Before 2015, most publishing functions were limited to a select group of “influencers.” All that has changed with the advent of LinkedIn Pulse. Pulse provides you with full-featured publishing with access to LinkedIn’s fast-growing base of around