Facebook Ads

What’s Your Facebook Ad Relevance Score?

As advertisers learn more about its platform, Facebook has accelerated the pace of innovation. One feature that’s absolutely crucial to marketing success is your ad Relevance Scores.

Facebook Conversion Ads

As digital marketing has become more complex, data has grown into an important part of success. No matter what platforms you use to get your message out, it’s critical that you know what kind of results you’re getting – and where you can improve. When it comes to pay-per-click advertising, Google led the way by providing deep insight into website conversions and other metrics through its Google Analytics suite. Now, Facebook is

Facebook Canvas Ads

Since Facebook went public, it’s been hard at work finding exciting new ways for you to invest your advertising budget. One new advertising experience Facebook has designed is Canvas Ads, which went live for all advertisers in February 2016. Canvas Ads are immersive, highly visual ads especially designed for the way people interact online through mobile devices.

Social Media Ads – The Basics

By using the right social media ads at the right time, you can accelerate brand recognition and get prospects into your sales funnel. Let’s take a look at the major types of social media ads.