Aerospace and Aviation Manufacturing on Long Island

Long Island was long known as the “Cradle of Aviation.” People might assume that these important, high-tech industries have long since moved on, but Long Island actually remains home of the biggest concentrations of aerospace engineering jobs per capita in the United States.

Clearing Up Misconceptions About Manufacturing Jobs

All too many people have an image of manufacturing that harkens back to the Industrial Revolution: Brutal, low-skilled, and low-paid labor in difficult and dangerous conditions. Many of those who do realize manufacturing has always been a part of modern America’s middle class still claim the manufacturing era is over.

Manufacturing SEO – What Are You Ranking For?

Modern manufacturing SEO is a crucial part of online competitiveness. Coupled with good Web content, SEO not only increases your visibility in search engine rankings, but raises prospects’ awareness of the value you offer.

Why Manufacturers Need Updated Websites

Conventional wisdom has long said manufacturers don’t need to focus on having a good website. Until recently, many companies managed to keep pace with the market – if barely – by relying on a handful of long-term, high-value clients.

New and established brands need to prioritize digital differentiation.

Why Manufacturing Companies Should Invest in SEO

When you think SEO, you probably don’t think about manufacturing. But SEO – search engine optimization – isn’t just for marketers or digital firms. SEO is about being in the right place at the right time to show prospects you have the answers to their problems. It’s precisely because SEO is rare in manufacturing that opportunity is so great.