small business marketing

How Proximity is Affecting Your Marketing Strategy

Google knows exactly where you are – and which “near me” searches your business should qualify for. Although these searches are only a small fraction of the total, they are so valuable that you should always optimize to capture them. The driving force behind them – proximity – is the next big thing in search.

The Power of Inbound Marketing for Your Small Business

To market in the new millennium, small businesses need a permission-based approach. Luckily, that approach has a name and many best practices to work with. It’s called inbound marketing.

Common Small Business Marketing Mistakes

Unless you make a commitment early on, you might find that you’re in business for years before you develop a comprehensive, repeatable, and effective marketing strategy. Small business owners often bring a lot of enthusiasm and expertise to their work, but learn about marketing as they go along – which can leave major gaps in your knowledge and execution.