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Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own Website

In today’s world, a website is essential. That said, too many business owners look at the many factors of developing a Web presence and consider taking an easy way out. While building your own site can be fun – and deferring it to a neighbor kid or friend is tempting – doing either runs the risk of leading your brand into digital obscurity.

How Font Effects User Experience

What’s the most important part of a website? When thinking about usability, most people think of images. Push further, and color, composition, and mobile compatibility could be mentioned. Although visual content is becoming more important daily, the majority of content on the Web is what it’s always been: Text. Typography – the style and appearance of words – is crucial to conveying your message effectively.

5 Of The Biggest Web Design Trends

How long has it been since your website really changed? Not just a simple update, but a true re-design? For many businesses, the answer is “never.” Your web design might have served you well when it was new, but odds are good it doesn’t stand up to recent trends and best practices. Resolving to make a change can help you convert more visitors into customers; a site that's clearly on trend conveys a more dynamic and active image.