Website Design and 3rd Party Integration with Stock Photography Marketplace PhotoShelter

In order to enhance the site visitor experience and to distinguish one photographer from the other by presenting a unique look and feel, AIMG | Accurate Imaging created custom website designs for,, and, and then integrated each with the online stock photography marketplace offers images from more than 16,000 photographers. The application provides its clients with an easy way to market, quote and sell their images online through a secure shopping application that generates good traffic. AIMG | Accurate Imaging worked with each client to identify his target audience groups and to clarify the unique image he wished to express online. Each custom designed website was then seamlessly integrated with the PhotoShelter application, effectively branding the ecommerce solution to allow each photographer to maintain his own identity within a shared shopping environment, much the same way as a fashion designer distinguishes himself from other designers on a department store floor.

The custom designed, integrated website solution developed by AIMG not only allows each photographer to maintain an individual identity within the shared application but it also provides an effective online presence with which to conduct independent lead and sales generating initiatives.

AIMG creates custom website designs and integrates a number of 3rd party business management solutions. AIMG also designs and develops comprehensive ecommerce solutions for clients who prefer to own as opposed to lease from a 3rd party provider.