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A3 Organizations Increase Closing Rates and Membership

Amplify creates animated presentations that empower sales reps to close on more leads and grow association membership

The A3 organizations – the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), Automated Imaging Association (AIA), and Motion Control and Motors Association (MCMA) – are the leading associations in North America serving the robotics and automation industry, and have been Amplify clients since 2007. Recently, they asked us to help them close on more leads. They weren’t having major issues with generating leads, but could improve their closing rates on those leads to drive higher membership levels.


Our clients have huge sections of online resources for advancing industry knowledge. They sponsor a number of shows in the broader automation community. They have a large membership base with robust search functions to promote business interaction and sales. They operate several different certification and training programs, while they’re also responsible for drafting safety regulations and technical standards. Essentially, these associations do a lot. It’s difficult for sales reps to effectively communicate all the benefits and value offered by all of these services during interactions with prospective members.


We sat down with each of our clients to role play the sales process. This involved us traveling to each association and pretending to be a prospective member interested in the benefits of annual membership with these associations.

Being in charge of a full-service, integrated marketing campaign for each association, we were uniquely positioned to match sales value propositions to marketing value propositions, as well as identify deficiencies or weak points in the sales process. This role playing, following an analysis of the meeting, led to several actionable insights. A few important pain points were identified in the process of interacting with prospective members.

As a response to these insights, we developed an animated sales presentation, complete with a voice over, to compliment sales rep’s interaction with prospective members as they walked them through all the benefits of membership. This presentation, leveraging easy-to-use technology, could be customized by the sales reps to personalize each interaction.

After the sales presentation was completed, all interactions with prospective members were recorded. This way, feedback could be gathered on the effectiveness of the presentation and ongoing improvements could be made to increase closing rates.


All three organizations started to see improved closing rates on interactions with prospective members. The pain points of past presentations no longer turned away prospective members.

Sales reps were empowered to deliver concise, poignant presentations that were more effective in communicating the value of each association. Each presentation captured all the services and benefits the associations provided to their respective membership bases.

We continue to work with RIA, AIA and MCMA on integrated marketing campaigns, while sales presentations continue to be optimized based on sales analytics.

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