Accurate Imaging Develops Winning Email for MindTree’s "CIO Tool Kit" Event

MindTree Consulting provides information technology services to Fortune 50 businesses worldwide. The company wanted to introduce "The CIO Tool Kit," their new suite of information technology leadership workshops. Accurate Imaging created the winning email creative and copy for MindTree’s important presentation event. In an effort to maintain the design effectiveness of the email and to accommodate email recipients who cannot view HTML in their browsers, Accurate provided an alternative viewing option that allowed recipients to click a link directly from the email to a designated web page. To ensure the overall effectiveness of the email campaign, Accurate’s design was in keeping with MindTree’s business objectives, corporate branding, and the recipient experience. The event was attended by CIOs of major corporations.

About MindTree Consulting
MindTree Consulting is an international IT services company with development centers in India and the U.S. The Company provides end-to-end project execution onshore, offshore, or in a hybrid delivery model called OneShore™. MindTree delivers global technology solutions and outsourced R&D services to innovative technology leaders around the world. Visit www.mindtree.comfor more information.