AIMG | Accurate Imaging Develops Website Application for Plastex’s Custom Printing

AIMG | Accurate Imagingdeveloped a website application for Plastex Protective Products, manufacturers of quality safety and protective raingear, to allow customers on the ecommerce website to enhance their product orders with custom printing.

The new custom printing tool developed by AIMG promotes customer interaction and provides a more enjoyable website experience. It is accessed on Plastex's ecommerce website at the product selection level and associated only with products available for this particular service. The tool allows the customer to select to have printing on the front, back or both front and back of the garment. By toggling from front to back, customization is done one side at a time. Once a customer clicks on his preference, he is re-directed to a screen where there are a number of customization options available, including with text or a graphic. Additionally, he has the option to mix it up a little and put text on the back and an image on the front. If he decides to use text, he simply enters it in the spaces provided, selects the color, the font style and the font size. The tool lets the customer know when he has exceeded the number of letters allowed. For graphic work, he can easily upload his artwork from his desktop file. When the selection process is completed, the customer clicks on Update and the text or image will appear superimposed on the illustration of the garment.

The original illustrations were created by AIMG's design team to give the customer an idea of what the customization will look like on the garment. The customer may also choose to view the image in detail in a separate window.

The new custom printing application developed by AIMG provides Plastex customers with a greater opportunity to interact with the products on a more personal level. By the same token, the tool helps to make the Plastex ecommerce website "sticky" – keeping customers on the site, happy and involved, which ultimately increases the chances of them returning to purchase more. The tool is fun and easy to use, adding to the overall enjoyment of the user experience on the site.

About Plastex Protective Products

Plastex Protective Products is a manufacturer and importer of quality safety and protective rain gear, combining quality materials, workmanship and styling, for over 60 years. The product line includes industrial rainwear, mud & slush boots, rainsuits and raincoats, ponchos, and safety vests. For more information visit