AIMG | Accurate Imaging Provides Custom e-commerce Solution for Bendheim Cabinet Glass

AIMG | Accurate Imaging provided long time client Bendheim, the world's largest resource for specialty glass, with a custom e-commerce solution for their new business unit Bendheim Cabinet Glass (

The e-commerce website design is geared toward the home owner. It features an intuitive navigation scheme that allows the site visitor to easily browse the online product catalog and place an order online. To avoid shopping cart abandonment, the customer is able to view, edit, delete or save an order for future use. The administrative side of the application allows Bendheim to easily add, edit or remove products from the online catalog. AIMG designed, developed and implemented a custom database integrated with the website application to manage products, lead capture and orders.

AIMG worked with Bendheim to develop content, including copy and images, that speaks directly to the consumer while at the same time addressing the needs of a contractor or designer who may be working for the home owner. AIMG provided custom photography and digital image processing that demonstrates the particular qualities of the glass to consumers. Additionally, AIMG installed streaming videos on the process of creating of mouth-blown glass, the production of restoration glass, and an episode of Martha Stewart Living when she visited the Bendheim glass showroom in Manhattan.

AIMG continues to provide Bendheim with strategic marketing initiatives for Bendheim Cabinet Glass and enhancements to the ecommerce application that will be implemented in the next phase of development.

About Bendheim Cabinet Glass

Bendheim Cabinet Glass, a division of S.A. Bendheim Ltd., the nation's leading supplier of specialty glass to architects, designers, and contractors, offers home owners quality cabinet glass and door glass inserts from the leader in specialty glass since 1927. Visit to browse the product catalog and order online.