Xyber Technologies Selects AIMG | Accurate Imaging as Marketing Team

AIMG | Accurate Imaging was first approached by Xyber Technologies, an innovative new computer technology company preparing to break into the US and world markets, to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to include both online and offline media.

Xyber Technologies is currently operating out of its Miami, Florida manufacturing facility. Conference calls between AIMG's senior consulting team and Xyber Technologies' founder and President Mario Facusse, provided the AIMG team with the background information they needed to develop a winning strategy.

In addition to signing AIMG to direct its marketing initiatives, and impressed by the quality of work produced for other clients, Xyber Technologies also decided to transfer its web development to AIMG.

AIMG | Accurate Imaging will develop an ecommerce website that will integrate with Xyber Technologies' backend Everest-On-Demand business solution.

About Xyber Technologies

Xyber Technologies designs and manufactures high performance silent PCs for home, business, medical, military, industrial and commercial use. Using a patented heat dissipation technology, each unit is precision engineered using the best components and offers greater computing power that is silent, more efficient, environmentally friendly and hypo-allergenic. For more information visit www.xybertechnologies.com.