AIMG Optimizes Sunnex Website for Search and Usability

Wanting to improve the overall performance of their existing website, Sunnex, a leading manufacturer of equipment mounts and leveling feet, contracted marketing and web development firm AIMG to identify and resolve the issues.

“After evaluating the site from a search engine perspective and a real-person usability perspective – by customers and administrators” said Joe DeMicco, President & Owner of AIMG, “we made some cost effective enhancement suggestions that would improve overall site performance on a number of levels. To address site architecture and administration issues, we converted the site to an editable CMS (content management system) and re-coded it with XHTML and CSS (cascading style sheets) to make it search engine-friendly. We also improved the customer solution selection process by integrating a shopping cart feature that makes it easier to select items to submit for a formal request for quote.”

The editable CMS allows the client’s site administrators to make live updates to products, news, and resource materials at any time. The new shopping cart tool not only makes it easy for customers to manage their product selections but with integrated tracking code the clients are provided with insight into customer interests and product popularity.

AIMG provides custom web development and web integration for enhanced search and conversion optimization.

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